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Tuesday, February 4, 2020

We’ve been together for over 18 years and married more than 13 of those years. We met while Kay was in her last college year and Marcus was on a college exchange from Germany. After a year Marcus went back to Germany to finish school and we started a long distance relationship.

After 4 years of dating Marcus proposed in 2005 while on vacation in Berlin. A year later we got married in Jamaica surrounded by our family and friends. It was an easy going and fun wedding. Here is a moment from our wedding and the rest we can share if you want to hear more.

We spend most of our time doing things together since we have similar hobbies and love being a kid with Ari. We travel to see different cultures and trying all types of food. Every year since Ari was born we have visited Europe and Jamaica. We have lots more places to travel and Ari wants to see the African savannah.

We love cooking, gardening, being outside and hosting barbeques. Our favorite dishes are Kay’s roast veggie mac & cheese and hot molten chocolate cake. We are also always at the playground, hiking or walking around our beautiful town. Some weekends we are in New York City taking in a Broadway show, at museums or walking around. Our favorite NYC things to do are seeing a Cirque du Soleil show, National Geographic Ocean Odyssey and trying different restaurants.


During the week when Ari is not in school we are busy with play dates, drumming or soccer classes. Kay is a Stay-at-Home mom and Marcus has the flexibility to work from home. This allows us to never miss out on quality time with Ari. Marcus is always home to play with Ari, bath-time and read bedtime stories. They both look forward to this nightly routine. Our future child will also have this quality family time and attention.

Our families and friends are an important part of our lives. We get together at least once a month and Kay’s mom lives with us. Ari and his grandma have a very close relationship. The first thing Ari does in the morning is head to grandma’s room to hang out. Grandma is excited about becoming a grandma again! 

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