About Ari

Ari is an outgoing, caring little man who is looking forward to being a big brother. When we told him that one day he would be a big brother his response was “Yes! Finally”. He’s been asking for a baby brother or sister for over a year. Ari is protective of others and will make a great big brother.

He has a big imagination and loves story telling. He also loves listening to music and playing his musical instruments. We often read 3 to 5 books every day. Music is always playing when we are in the car and a lot at home. He loves building with Legos and making characters from Super Mario, Pokemon and Frozen.

He enjoys being outdoor like his dad and has to be outside everyday. He has lots of energy and is very athletic. For that reason we are often playing on our backyard swing set or on our dead-end street. Ari keeps us young and laughing with his big humor.

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