About Kay

I am from Jamaica and moved to the United States when I was 13 years old. I’m the last of 5 kids (Charmaine, Leroy, Mark and Lorraine) and have a close bond with my siblings. I am an out-going, strong-minded and independent person. My family and friends often describe me as passionate, very protective of others and entertaining.

My personality plays a big role in my success and the many roles I have had. I started out as a Chemical Engineer and worked as a Project Manager in a bank. Now I am a Stay-at-Home mom and Baker.
I chose to be a Stay-at-Home mom because I wanted to be present for all of Ari’s amazing moments.
I enjoy the moments I get to be a big kid with Ari. I am the mom who is on the playground swings, the slides or being tackled by a ton of kids. I like to relax with family and friends, make custom organic cakes, work on craft projects and building a community environment for my family. I love to get Marcus and Ari involved with my hobbies. They are taste testers for my custom cakes and baked treats.
I get a lot of joy from volunteering at Ari’s school as classroom parent. I plan activities for parents to get involved. Providing an environment where Ari feels safe and confident is a priority for me. I will give this same gift to our future child.

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