About Marcus

I was born and raised in a small village in Germany, where we all know each other. Up to age 12, I was the only child in my entire family and for my parents Marlies and Manfred. I am very close to my family, especially since we are only 14 people in total.

As a child and to this day, I’ve loved to travel and explore. It was no surprise when I moved to the United States to do something different from others in my family. I enjoy my job as a management consultant. It allows me to travel, meet new people and spend lots of quality time with Kay and Ari.

I am easy-going and straightforward guy who does not let the little things get to me. My friends, family and co-workers know me for being an honest, reliable and fair. I love cars, soccer, the outdoors, ice cream and chocolate. I enjoy sharing these with Ari. I’m outside with Ari playing soccer, racing remote control cars (Ferrari vs. Lamborghini) and running around every chance I get. To relax I’ll take my bicycle for a couple hours ride and also go for hikes with Ari. On vacation I snorkel, kayak and swim a lot with Ari.

Spending time with friends and family (including Kay’s family) is a large part of my life and makes me happy. I hope we will get to know each other!

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