Why Adoption

We chose adoption as a way to be parents after years of trying and failed fertility treatments. Adoption was part of our plan from the beginning since our families have a history of miscarriages. Our families and friends are happy with our decision to adopt again. They surround Ari with a lot of love, support and joy. They are thrilled to welcome another child.

We understand that adoption can be complicated for everyone involved. We have been fortunate to have a relationship with Ari’s birth mother that has been honest, respectful and loving, since the moment we connected. We live in different states, but through months of text and talk we got to know each. We also had a visit a few days before Ari was born. We were grateful to be invited to the hospital to see and hold Ari just a few hours after he was born.

Ari’s birth family and us were able to cuddle him the first few days in the hospital, as we were in separate rooms on the same floor. Ari is very loved by both families and we all continue to stay in touch.

We are ready for the amazing changes that will occur when we bring a baby home.

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